About Openwave

Frensch Technology Services loves to give shoutouts to other business that helped pave the way for the rest of us. One of those leaders was Openwave, now Openwave Mobility a Marlin Equity Company. Openwave is a developers tool company that provided a multitude of software solutions, providing development tools to thousands of developers. Read more about Openwave below.

openwave mobility openwave development developers

Openwave was opened in august of 2000 to provide software solutions to businesses and consumers.

Openwave provides innovative products in the technology realm. Openwave specializes in internet service management, mobile internet services, messagning and location services with the analytics to back these services. Openwave also provides many messaging services and applications to enhance user experience.

Openwave was very successful on a global scale. In 2009 Openwave had 70 major mobile operators and a total of 95 major businesses using their services.

A major fact that many to not know about Openwave is that they provided in 2009 over one hundred million users, software to access the mobile internet. Also a major number is that they also provided service for over 118 million Mx mailboxes.

Today Openwave still provides numberous services and partners with many tech based companies.

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